Jaksa Agung Muda Intelijen (Jamintel), Prof Dr Reda Manthovani, CdM Kontingen Indonesia untuk Paralympic Paris 2024 (Foto: Bertuahpos / Melba)

Prof Dr Reda Manthovani: From Double Amputee to Extraordinary Athlete: Inspiring Stories from Paris 2024 Paralympics

MATARAMPOS.COM – Prof. Dr. Reda Manthovani, the Chef de Mission (CdM) leading the Indonesian Contingent for the 2024 Paris Paralympics, expressed strong confidence in the Indonesian athletes’ ability to win gold medals in this prestigious event.

The Young Attorney General highlighted the resilience and determination of Indonesian disabled athletes and noted that despite facing significant challenges, their competitive spirit continues to grow. Recognizing the additional mental burden these athletes carry, he stressed the importance of creating a supportive environment conducive to their success.

“Emotional stability is crucial for their performance. Being in unstable emotional state makes it difficult for athletes to stay motivated, which affects not only their own prospects but also national pride,” Prof. Dr. Reda explained.

Professor Reda also underscored the remarkable determination of these athletes. He took an example of a former motorbike racer who despite losing both legs in an accident, persevered to become a wheelchair racing athlete.

“In a condition where most people would have given up, he insisted on thriving to become a wheelchair racing athlete. I am not even strong enough to catch up with him”, he said.

He also urged that “We have to value small actions. We can post and share their achievements on the social media. We have our team and government representatives who made regular visit to encourage them.

Prof. Dr. Reda also stressed the crucial role of family in maintaining athletes’ motivation and emotional stability, urging parents to continue their unwavering support.

“Parents need to keep them motivated. Extra encouragement from families are the booster of athletes’ determination.” he added.

Looking ahead to the Paris 2024 Paralympics, Prof. Dr. Reda disclosed Indonesia’s ambition to secure two gold medals, particularly in badminton and archery. “The government has also prioritized offering rewards comparable to those given to Olympic athletes,” he said confidently, “and I believe that with their determination, we can reach this goal.”

He also expressed his acknowledgement for the role the government assigned to him in this event “I am deeply honored by the government’s trust in appointing me as CdM. I am committed to realizing our goals and inspiring our athletes,”.

He optimistically believes that thorough preparations and support, Indonesia stands poised to deliver an outstanding performance at the upcoming Paris 2024 Paralympics.***


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